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5 Tips for a Wet Festival

The big day is coming and after weeks or even months of planning the long awaited festival road trip is here. The food, the travel, and the lodging are all taken care of but somethings are just out of the realms of control like the storm clouds that are ready to rain on your parade. Sometimes being a little prepared or knowing you have options can help keep you dry.

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Mo-Pop 2015 Photos!

All the Mo-Pop 2015 photos have finally been uploaded! Check out the Mo-Pop Photo Page for a glimpse of the photos. Many more can be found on Facebook and Flikr.

Mo-Pop 2015: Review

Mo-Pop 2015: Review

Now that the excitement of Mo-Pop 2015 has subsided it’s time for a Mo-Pop Review! The festival was a great time with many unique characteristics. Click the link above and check out the Mo-Pop Review. Look for more Mo-Pop Pictures to come!


Mo-Pop Preview Show

The 2-Day Mo-Pop music festival in Detroit, Michigan is taking place this weekend on July 25th & 26th. Check out this Preview Show featuring music from festival artists (Passion pit, Chromeo, James Bay, Modest Mouse) and festival information.

Mo-Pop Festival Preview

Go check out the Preview for Mo-Pop Festival in Detroit, Michigan this weekend.

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