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Haywyre @ Canopy Club – Feb. 24th

Haywyre is still relatively new to the game but don’t mistaken Martin Vogt for a rookie. Vogt has been playing piano for over 14 years and has been releasing music as Haywyre since as early as 2009. The project is a fusion of contemporary electronic with Continue reading “Haywyre @ Canopy Club – Feb. 24th”


Okeechobee: The United States Has a Brand New Festival

Festivals aren’t easy to start, but it helps if you have experience. Okeechobee is a brand new festival ready to test the North American waters and it is getting the help of at least one famous Bonnaroovian who was responsible for the Bonnaroo Superjams! Follow the link to see what all the buzz is about.

Okeechobee: North America Has a Brand New Festival

New Review! Imagine Festival 2015

I’ve been delayed because I was traveling all over the country, working at 103.3 WZND for 20+ hours a week and going to school full time. I finally finished the Imagine festival review so check it out if you get time!

Imagine Festival Review

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