The Blazin Bonfire

July 27th-28th

By: Chris Watson
Photos: Keegan Paxton


In central Illinois a private 2 day camping event thrown by the people for the people. Put together by The Good Vibe Crew (GVC) headed by Cody Barnes. Headlining the event DJ Kayoh from Baltimore, who was immediately interested in playing the event the idea of a smaller festival where he could showcase his talent was as enticing to him as it was to the crowd. Kayoh’s attitude about the event is a direct reflection of the spirit of the entire event.


Many of the acts involved, from the DJ’s to the live painters, didn’t come with the expectation of making a lot of money or impressing critics. Many like, DJ Mischief from Australia, who is stationed in Illinois for the summer, simply wanted the opportunity to spin. DJ Maleficente (formally known as Miss A) referred to the crowd she encountered as the crowd she has been longing for; anyone who has made their rounds at festivals and shows especially since their spike in popularity should completely understand that sentiment.FB_IMG_1439059045692

The Blazing Bonfire was an event that artist of all kinds can come together and show what they’ve created with people who hold a genuine love for the art. A place where DJ’s, Producers, flow artist like poi spinners and hoopers, pin designers, wire wrappers, graffiti artist, even break dancers can come show their passion, find motivation to continue practicing and growing while gathering friends and fans. It seems everyone arrived with something to show off on top of the live painting and art installments located around the venue. The smaller crowd allowed a safer environment for the artist on the lineup to come out and discuss what it is they do with the people who love watching them work.


BlastFoMe who came in to the bonfire after a small break shows undoubtedly left with new optimism for his career. Not a big name on the lineup but defiantly the gem of the weekend Blastfome tore the stage up twice until police had to shut him down but not before stealing the hearts of all bassmusic fans in the crowd wit

FB_IMG_1439058997191h a set one would expect from a namelike Datsik or 50 carrot.

The Blazing Bonfire will remain in the hearts of all who attended and genuine vibes of everyone involved will continually be spread in all event hosted by the GVC. Be on the lookout for the GVC in our area, it will surely be an event one should not miss.