If you’ve been lucky enough to attend Summer Camp or  Electric Forest since 2012, then you may have noticed that “Chuck” is really popular. Ask around and it won’t be long before you cross paths with Chuck, someone who knows Chuck, or maybe even a whole crew of Chuhello my name is chuckcks.

Hundreds of people will be walking around Summer Camp and Electric Forest 2016 proudly wearing stickers that read “Hello my name is Chuck” and no… most of these people aren’t actually named Chuck, because the name is actually serving a symbolic purpose as a way to combat approach anxiety, bring people together, and raise awareness for human connection.

Back in 2012, a group of the original Chucks attended Gentlemen of the Road. When they began meeting their neighbors, one guy kept calling everybody “Chuck” and it stuck. A quick trip to the store and a big box of “Hello.. My name is” stickers sparked a movement that led to an Electric Forest Campsite of almost 100 Chucks in 2015.

big electric forrest camp chuck

The tradition will live on in 2016 with appearances at Summer Camp, Electric Forest, Bass Center, Mamby on the Beach, Lollapolooza, and North Coast. Slowly throughout the festivals, stickers will be passed out for eye catching totems, good conversations, and the funkiest of festival wardrobes. When the name tags are naturally dispersed, it effectively  creates a sub-culture within the festival that is full of excitement for breaking the social barriers to human connection.

This year the group is expanding its reach to communities outside the festival by selling
“Hello Chuck” hat pins for $8. They can be arranged for purchase in person at one of the festivals or message them through Facebook at their page below. All profits made from the hat pins will be donated so if you have a suggestion for a music and arts program that could use a boost, don’t hesitate to reach out.

my name is chuck pin.jpg

Keep your eyes and ears out for Chuck this weekend at Summer Camp 2016 and when you see them, be sure to say “Hello… My Name Is Chuck”

Find Chuck on:

Facebook: Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/HelloMyNameIsChuck/?__mref=message
Twitter: @chuckhello
Instagram: # hellochuck